jSAM plug-in

jSAM is an Eclipse plugin integrating a set of tools for stochastic analysis of concurrent and distributed systems specified using process algebras.

More specifically, jSAM provides tools that can be used for interactively executing specifications and for simulating their stochastic behaviors.
Moreover, jSAM integrates a statistical model-checking algorithm that permits verifying if a given system satisfies a PCTL/CSL-like formula.

jSAM does not rely on a single specification language, but provides a set of basic classes that can be extended in order to integrate any process algebra. As its input, jSAM accepts a text file containing a system specification:


To access to jSAM tools, menu SAM can be used


Each specification language integrated in jSAM can provide the appropriate hooks to be linked to the corresponding items for simulation (simulate), model checking (modelchecking), interactive execution (execute ) and to export  a model ( export_wiz ).